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Some time later...

It's 2011 and the question that I've been asking myself (when I remember to think about my website) over the past few years is what is a personal website for. I'm not running a business, and there are a wide range of sites for blogs, social networking, sharing documents, sharing photos, and so on, so what is a personal website for? For me, at this point in time, I'm still not sure. But in the mean time you might (or might not) want to check out my new learning journal.

Now that I've rediscovered all the settings to actually access my website I might actually do something with it, but as a slightly younger version of me said in 2008 "Stay tuned, just remember to eat".

3rdJanuary, 2011

Service really will be resumed shortly (probably)

Over two years on and service really may be resumed shortly! I've got proper hosting sorted out. Still not much time though. Stay tuned, just remember to eat.

3rdJune, 2008

Service will be resumed shortly (probably)

For a while now I have been meaning to update my website, but keep on putting it off. I finally got around to looking at it today only to find it had disappeared!

So, after a quick fumble around I've managed to sort some things out and put up a tempoary filler page. Hopefully I'll put some interesting stuff up here soon, and learn some of that new fangled CSS stuff instead of using tables for formatting and such.

27thApril, 2006